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About LearningPatterns™

LearningPatterns has been providing premier training and mentoring in Java and other advanced technologies since 1995. We are now solely focused on licensing our training courseware, and no longer offer training directly. Our high-quality materials allow you to provide your clients with the just-in-time knowledge and skills transfer they need to deliver real-world projects. Our hands-on training material provides software developers with the skills they require to accomplish today’s greatest development challenges.

LearningPatterns is expert in the technologies we cover, and has enormous experience in the training space and in creating training materials. This unique strength, focus, and depth of talent enables you to help your clients build the technology teams that are creating their future. We are living our vision of creating quality, cutting-edge material that will enable companies to meet the challenges they face. We look forward to the challenges and discoveries that the future will bring, and affirm our commitment to helping our clients realize their full potential.

About the Founder - Yaakov Weintraub

Yaakov has been working in Object Technology since 1988. He has authored extensive parts of the LearningPatterns curriculum, including many Java courses, and our Spark, Cassandra, and other Big Data courses. He taught at the 1996 International Java Conference, and occasionally written for Java Report and JavaWorld. His extensive teaching credentials include teaching Introductory and Advanced Java and C++ courses and Object-Oriented Analysis & Design throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Following LearningPatterns’ belief that the best teacher is an experienced programmer, Yaakov is a seasoned developer. His experience includes mentoring teams of programmers on building EJB based systems, the development of OO libraries for financial systems, development of a CORBA IDL to C++ compiler, and research into the management of Very Large Computer Networks with the Distributed Computing and Communications Center at Columbia University. Yaakov holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

Yaakov has also been awarded the rank of Sho-Dan in Nihon Goshin Aikido, is a long time student of Tai Chi (Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing Yang form) and was a modern dancer performing with the Erick Hawkins Dance Company and the Parparim Ensemble.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality training materials for technology professionals throughout the world. We recognize that the technologies we are involved with offer unparalleled power and unfettered flexibility in their ability to create the applications which humanity needs now in order to most effectively share information and knowledge. We recognize that people are infinitely more important than the computers which they have created as tools.

Therefore, we are dedicated to enabling creative people to work with the most powerful tools so that each one can most effectively contribute their greatest gifts to the whole. Ultimately, we are creating a place where people can offer their strengths in service of humanity.