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WildFly 14 and JBoss® EAP 7.2 Server Administration with Elytron Security (Upon Request)

This course provides hands-on and in-depth coverage on configuring and managing WildFly 13/14 and JBoss EAP 7.2 servers. It covers the new Elytron security system introduced in WildFly 11. It incorporates other new server features and all material is current with the new releases. WildFly 13 provides full Java EE 8 support and a new Management console. EAP 7.2 is the supported release of the WildFly 13 server. WildFly 14 adds Java EE 8 certification.

The course is very hands-on, with brief hands-on mini-labs throughout the material which illustrate a topic and help with retention. It also includes numerous larger hands-on labs to dig deeply into a topic.

This course covers all the important administrative tasks that are required to administer this new version of the server. It starts with basic structure, architecture and installation, and moves on to working with the various management tools and deploying applications. Configuration and management of all the important services and subsystems are covered, as is security, domains, and clustering. All management tools are covered, including direct editing of XML configuration files, using the CLI (Command Line Interface), and using the Web-based Management Console. See the list of Sklls Gained and the Detailed Outline for more details.

The course is focused, informative, and created by experts in the JBoss/WildFly AS. It will demystify the many important capabilities and structure of WildFly server, and leave you well prepared to install, configure, and manage server installations.

Course Objectives:

Course Outline: