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Introduction to Spring 4 and Hibernate 4

NOTE: This course is ONLY for those using Hibernate’s proprietary XML mapping files. Those using JPA annotations (e.g. @Entity) should take the Introduction to Spring and JPA course.

This course provides comprehensive introductions to the Spring and Hibernate open source frameworks. Suitable for Spring4/Hibernate4, it includes coverage of all the core Spring and Hibernate capabilities, as well as the integration capabilities provided by Spring.

The course includes an extensive set of hands-on labs that reinforce all the important concepts and capabilities. It will enable you to build working Spring/Hibernate applications, and give you an understanding of the important concepts and technology in a very short time.

Spring: As well as being current with recent Spring releases, this course introduces techniques for using the many new and powerful capabilities that Spring supports. It includes complete coverage of the three main configuration styles (@Configuration, @Component, XML), and guidelines for their usage. It also covers more advanced capabilities such as support for JDBC and persistence frameworks like Hibernate, Spring declarative transactions, and Spring integration with Java EE Web technologies.

Hibernate: The course covers all important capabilities of this open source object/relational persistence and query service for Java. Coverage includes developing persistent classes in Java, as well as using associations/relationships, inheritance, polymorphism, composition and collections. It also provides an overview of JPA (the Java Persistence API).

Course Objectives:

Course Outline: