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Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot, and Spring REST (2022): Lab Setup Instructions (Windows OS - Java 11, IntelliJ, Tomcat 9)

Below are the standard requirements for this course. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

Important Note: Student lab files are required on each computer used for the course. The links for these are not in this lab setup, and you should receive them separately.

Other notes:

Hardware and classroom setup.

Each student and the instructor shall have a workstation that fulfills the listed requirements.

Install 7-zip 

We’ve found that there are sometimes problems using the built in Windows archive/zip utility. This generally has to do with long path lengths that it can’t handle. Use 7-zip to extract the labs and any software zips which we’ve found very reliable.

Lab Files: Each student and instructor must have lab files installed (links to these files are generally sent separately via e-mail).

Other instructor requirements for the classroom

Install Java Development Kit – JDK 11 (11.0.21)

Install IntelliJ IDEA Community (2021 versions)

Instructions are for Version 2021.2.3. Any 2021.2.x version should work, but best to stick with 2021.2.x versions - IntelliJ changes it's IDE frequently, and if the version differs from what the lab instructions were written to, this may be confusing to students.

NOTE: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate will also work fine, if you are using that.



Install Tomcat 9.0