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Introduction to Cassandra 3 for Developers: Lab Setup Instructions (VirtualBox Settings)

VT-x Settings

There is a setting (or a few settings) in the BIOS when you start your computer, to determine whether virtual machines are allowed to control certain parts of your physical computer.

It’s important that you set these features specifically in the BIOS at startup - if you are looking at virtualization settings in some Windows application, that is not the same thing.

Resource Settings

Some computers have trouble with a virtual machine that uses more resources than the physical computer can offer. If you run into that situation, you can try reducing the resources. Be sure to carefully test the VM to make sure it runs under the reduced resource allocation. In particular, make sure that all servers needed in the labs have enough resources (especially memory) to run.

To access the CPU cores and Memory settings, select the Virtual Machine in VirtualBox, then in the toolbar menu of VirtualBox go to Machine | Settings | System and check the following.