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JBoss EAP 6 Administration Course Now Available
Geared Specifically to the JBoss EAP 6 release.
more info...

Cassandra Developer Training Course Now Available
This new course covers Cassandra 1.2, CQL3, and the new C* Java driver.
more info...

Fast Track to Java 7
This updated course includes many Java 7 features that make programming easier.
more info...

Fast Track to Spring and Hibernate Course now Available
Fast-paced course covering both of these very popular open source frameworks.
Spring/Hibernate course info...

EJB 3.1 / Java Persistence API V2 (JPA2) Course now Available
Latest version of this course conforming to JEE 6 specification.
EJB3.1/JPA2 course info...

JSF2 Course Available
This course covers the capabilities of the latest JSF release.
more info...

JPA2 Course Available
This course covers the capabilities of the latest JPA Version 2 release.
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AJAX for Java Developers Course Available
Ground up coverage of building working Ajax applications with special emphasis on Java/Java EE integration !
Stay tuned for more info

JBoss® AS Server Based Courses Announced
Comprehensive set of Java EE courses using the JBoss Application Server
more info...

RAD® Based Courses Announced
Comprehensive set of courses using Rational Application Developer as the develpment environment
more info...

Fast Track to Hibernate Announced
Covers all the important concepts necessary to access and update data stored in relational databases using Hibernate.
more info...

Welcome to LearningPatterns™

We at LearningPatterns have been helping clients create solutions in Java™ and related technologies since 1995. We were one of the first providers of Java training in the world, including early offerings of Servlet and EJB technology training, and we use our many years of development and teaching experience to craft courses that are clear, focused, effective, and stimulating for both students and instructors.

Our growing involvment with Big Data, especially the Cassandra database, continues this tradition of helping users of new technology to meet the challenges they face. We are excited about our partnership with DataStax in creating our new Next Generatation Cassandra for Developers course and look forward to continued work in this area.

Our courses are now available for licensing, and we are happy to partner with you by providing you with high quality courseware branded to your specification. To this end, we provide a range of training courses in the Java/Java-EE, Web/XML/Web Services, and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design arenas. It is easy for us to customize our courses to best fit your needs.

We love what we do, and we do it very well. Whether you have 4 people to train, or 400, we can make your work easier by providing exactly what you need when you need it. We look forward to working with you.

What Our Clients Say:

"I believe the program is perfect ... I will recommend this course to all my colleagues."
- JP Morgan Chase & Co.

"Excellent class!  Clearly & quickly presented!"
- The Jackson Laboratory

"Good high level introduction to a complex subject."
- Citco Funds Services

"Excellent experience.  Coming into the course, I had only minimal exposure to Java and virtually no knowledge of J2EE.  Now, I feel like these technologies are firmly place in my framework of skills and experience.  I’m ready to start building EJBs!" 
- Portland General Electric Company

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